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Nutrisystem Torture...

by Kristen

I was on the Nutrisystem diet for a few months and I refer to those few months as torture. Nutrisystem worked for my grandmother even though she did end up gaining all the weight back once she was left to her own devices in the real world with real food.

The Nutrisystem food just isn't satisfying. While some meals are good, it is rare.

I found myself resenting that I could hardly eat any realistic foods on this plan when all my friends doing Weight Watchers could essentially go out and eat a little real food.

I even found myself preferring to skip meals all together rather than eating what was on that night's Nutrisystem menu.

It is nice to not have to think about the calories of the food and having everything pretty much pre-proportioned for you. Eventually you feel like you have established some self control and you see some progress.

But I think you really will want to venture out into other foods available out there... Which can be both a god thing and a bad thing.

Ultimately I just switched to Weight Watchers where once I stuck to the plan honestly, I lost about 30 pounds and kept the weight off for over 5 years.

I love the Weight Watchers program and I try and live my everyday life according to the points system.

Sure, it is counting and tracking a little bit, but it keeps me focused and mindful of everything I eat. I’m not sure I would ever try any other diet after my success with this one.

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