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Nutrisystem, The Ultimate Rip-Off

by Jamie Trivedi

Nutrisystem was the most disgusting and discouraging experience I have ever had with dieting.

When I went to order my food online I was amazed. Everything looked delicious, every picture looked five-star restaurant worthy.

"Finally!" I had thought "a weight loss system that has food that looks edible". Obviously, at the time, I had no idea how wrong I was.

When my package arrived in the mail I excitedly unpacked and organized every last container. I was ready to start my first day of Nutrisystem, the following day.

My breakfast was a "chocolate chip scone". Or at least it was supposed to be. It was actually a piece of dehydrated bread the size of a small note card dotted with black dots.

Lunch was a wet chicken jerky that I placed on top of a salad, the container said "chicken salad'.

By the time dinner came my stomach was grumbling. Not only had the portions been miniscule I had eaten very little of it since it was barely edible.

Then I opened the package for dinner. Dinner was "italian herb flatbread pizza", basically a piece of cardboard with ketchup on top. This disappointment continued for the rest of the week -- small, packaged portions of inedible slop.

I finally gave up on the 8th morning. Which ended my short, torturous trial with Nutrisystem.

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Jun 05, 2017
Rip off NEW
by: Anonymous

I tried the one month trial for $400 + and didn't check the automatic renewal box. After only 2 weeks I received a surprise. They took money out of my checking account again for another order. I contacted them per my attorneys advice. I told them to put the money back at once or I would sue them. They claimed they would charge me $125 for canceling my program. How can a trial be a program. I don't care if it is only $125 or not, I will sue them. If they want to send their attorneys to Indiana for a lawsuit, more power to them. Plus, you can buy the same crap they send you at the grocery for 1/4 the price.

Aug 12, 2011
I Agree!
by: Barry

Aug 04, 2010
Big time rip off
by: seeyes22

I ordered the $200 plus food from Nutrisystem. I received a box of packaged powered nutrients. NO food, dried or otherwise. I ended up throwing it all away. Of Course, no refund. Refused to answer phone calls or email.

Then I paid for the Quick weight loss program. Easy, regular food, and it works. You can use their nutrients if you want but is not necessary. You will lose 1 pound a day. It works. Lost 73lbs.

Before you throw your money away on Nutrisystem check out Quick loss program.

Marie Osmond had personal trainers, cooks and dancing with the stars to whip her in shape. It is very misleading that she lost the weight alone on nutrisystem. Just another scam.

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