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Nutrisystem Fail...

by Jordan

I guess I'll start with how I found out about Nutrisystem. I saw the commercial on TV and thought it has to be to good to be true, but I fell for it anyways, regrettably.

The reason I tricked myself into ordering Nutrisystem was that I wouldn't have to worry about cooking meals for myself because I'm pretty lazy in that department.

When the first big box of Nutrisystem food came in I instantly hauled it into the kitchen and checked it out. I found that the diet is a pretty easy concept and well written out for anyone smart enough to be able to read instructions.

I lasted all of four

My entire life I always ate good fresh food cooked by my mom and this freezer food lifestyle wasn't agreeing with my body. I felt like a sodium/salt sponge.

Also only the dinners and deserts gave me any kind of energy. Between meals I had to eat other food to feel like I would stay alive.

This Nutrisystem plan may work for people that are used to eating pure freezer prepared foods, but for myself its a different story. And now I had a couple weeks of food on hand and in the mail waiting to be shipped to my house. Great!

I ended up just giving it to all my friends who would keep taking it and they would repay by covering my bar tabs. Not all was lost I guess, and now I have a funny yet sad story of a diet tale to share to every one.

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Sep 06, 2012
Paid for my mistake
by: Anonymous

Even strict adherence to this program did not work fir me and I was hungry all the time. Then to top it off I'm required to pay $90 to cancel - so it doesn't work AND you have to pay extra to discontinue using it. Guess it's the American Way!!! Don't be duped. There is only one way and that is a careful diet with exercise...that's it folks. I'm just so tired of being taken advantage of.

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