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Need Ideas for Exercising with an Injury

by Kathleen

I have always been a healthy weight until I hurt my foot and stopped walking as much. Now I've gained 15 pounds in the last 4 months.

What is a good way to get a cardio workout at home when you can't do much on your feet?

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Pool Workouts!!
by: Melissa

The pool is a great place to get a cardio workout. It not only takes strain off your muscles (and in your case, your foot) it is fun!

Swimming laps is an excellent workout. But, you do not have to just do laps though. Try these exercises as if you were doing them on land but in water-- running, biking, cross country skiing. You can do these stationary or roam the pool. Vary up your speed too, you'll be amazed at what a good workout you will get!

You can even just plain out tread water. The resistance water provides makes for a great workout.

Of course you do need to have access to a pool. If it's the summer or you live in a warmer climate you can do it in an outside pool. Or check out your local YMCA, high school, college etc. They most likely have open swim times that you can take advantage of.

Hope this helps!

by: Viegas

Cardio is really hard to do when you injure any lower body parts.
The answer above is good, as water is the most forgiving of environments, but not always accessible or time convenient.
If you are a more exercise at home person, a stationary bike is ideal, just make sure you don't exert much strength on your foot. Tape it to the pedal, if needed to stop any straining or bad positions.
You might also consider vigorous fast weight training using your upper body, to burn extra calories.
Good luck and get better!!!

Water Ex - the Best!
by: AnitaJay

I will agree with the previous poster regarding the cardio benefits of water exercise. Talk about raising your heart rate! Talk about a workout! I remember the first water ex workout I went to - I thought I was going to DIE! How can something as innocuous as WATER be so HEAVY? So my advice is to start out slow, in deep water, using a water-weight belt (made of foam) and possibly weights on your ankles (to increase the intensity) later on, once you have become accustomed to the movement. Deep water exercise puts absolutely NO strain on any joints, so don't worry about injuring or re-injuring yourself. I have seen severely debilitated folks using deep water to rehab injuries - water really works!

Good luck and have a great time in the water!

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