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My Yoga Experience

by Linda
(Rhode Island)

In the past, I’ve had many friends talk to me about the benefits of yoga. I knew all about how flexible it could make me, how it improves balance, and how it could strengthen my entire body. What I did not know was how addictive it can be.

I decided to try it one morning when I saw a yoga program on television. I normally do some sort of aerobic workout, so I was worried yoga would be too simple.

Would I sweat? Would I get my heart rate to the target point I was used to?

Not only did I sweat and meet my target heart rate, I felt more energized than I had in months! Yoga is a great way to gain power, emotionally and physically.

There were many positions I could not do at first, but with time came ability, and with ability came pride. Yoga keeps me feeling strong, healthy, and motivated.

The flexibility I’ve gained has helped me in other areas of my life. Daily routines are easier on my joints, my general mood has improved, and I am more confident than ever.

I still stick to my aerobics three times a week, but on those days that I am just not feeling ambitious, yoga is my fall back routine.

I can’t say enough about the benefits of doing yoga. I look thinner, I feel younger, and I live life completely.

Simply put, it is the key to feeling at peace with myself- mind and body.

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Yoga Helped My Back
by: Teresa

I struggled with lower back pain. I visited the doctor and chiropractor and hadn't found the answer.

A friend suggested yoga and it really helped me. It made a difference in about two weeks. I think the difference was in how much it strengthened my core and back muscles.

I am much leaner and stronger now. If I can't get to a class or don't feel like working through a whole video class, I will perform a routine while watching tv. My muscles feel strong and relaxed afterwards.

I agree with the author and highly recommend yoga as part of any exercise routine.

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