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My Vote : All of Them

by MagiAwen

Really. I was reading these thinking...really you can find something "wrong" with every restaurant out there. Even the healthy places..they may be healthier - but still there is hidden MSG and hidden sodium and all sorts of's not like the calories in the salad dressings fall out just because they reside in a "healthy" restaurant.

Funniest thing I ever saw at a "health" restaurant was a woman that ordered this healthy meal and then drank two cokes with it. Why is there even soda in a restaurant that is supposed to be all natural and etc?

This is also why I'm a firm believer in the psychological tactic instead of denying yourself things. I turned eating in restaurants into a game of how frugal I can be. Seriously.

I love going to Chi-Chi's (it's a Ameri-Mexican place) You think you are ordering a reasonably sized burrito and out comes this platter bigger than your chest with all sorts of sauces and cheeses melted all over. The burrito is so big your side dishes come on another platter.

This is AFTER you are given a bushel basket of chips and salsa that are better than any chips and salsa ever.

What a nightmare!

My game: See how many meals I can have from the one meal. Eating slowly is another tactic I picked when I have had my portion I pack the rest home and separate it into cartons for lunch for the next two or three days.

Especially now...with the economy the way it is and groceries getting more and more expensive this is much easier to do for me, psychologically speaking.

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I used to agree, but....
by: Suzie Q

I am nearly always on a diet (no sweets and starches, high protein, lots of veggies), and have been able to keep from cheating and from craving (well, mostly anyway) as long as I kept out of restaurants completely except for the very occasional birthday or anniversary.

However, not too long ago I discovered a franchise called Charlie Brown's. It has restaurants in New Jersey and New York some of which are quite good.

On my diet, I lose (or at least maintain) even if my calories are relatively high as long as I keep those carbs really low. At Charlie Brown's they have a salad bar which has more than just those potato salad & macaroni salad food traps of other places.

The greens (romaine and spinach) are really fresh, the tomatoes are sweet, they have unlimited marinated artichokes (and sometimes ratatouille, too), there's chopped chicken liver, roasted red peppers, little mozzarella balls, feta cheese, nuts, and several kinds of olive oil (basil, lemon, and regular) and several different vinegars (balsamic, malt, and cider).

With my prime rib, I get the steamed broccoli instead of the starch, but I never feel deprived with all that other interesting stuff to concentrate on.

The coffee is usually rich enough to serve as dessert. On the rare occasions that I still feel a need for a sweet, we make a brief stop on the way home for four ounces of Tasti-D-Lite, which is low cal, no fat, and even relatively low in carbs.

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