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My Results On Weight Watchers

by Jessica Simmons
(Wallace, Idaho, US)

Well i never really signed up for or paid to sign up for weight watchers, but i had a girlfriend that had and i just used her stuff.

I really liked the weight watchers program but my life is pretty hectic. I have four kids and i also babysit during the day so i found it hard to constantly try to figure out points on everything i ate.

So i did as suggested and when i went grocery shopping i marked the point value on most of the food i bought per serving size and all that information so that it would be easier on me. But it was still just too time consuming for me.

So I then decided to try the biggest loser diet and workout routine and it seemed to help me more, not that the weight watchers didn't work, because it worked great for me. I just didn't have the extra time for it or the extra money.

The biggest loser diet is mostly looking at your calorie allotment for the day and trying to stay within that range and it seemed to be a lot easier for me. The workout was so much fun because it was cardio and strength intervals so just when i would get tired and thought i couldn't go anymore it would switch to the strength moves. Therefore i also didn't get bored with my routine.

But even after a while i had all the information to help me stay on my own and just go my own way. I decided that i would just eat what was healthy for me and my family and that we would do a lot more active activities in our lives. So far i have lost 60 lbs and am keeping it off.

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