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My Pedometer -- It's Working!

by Mike Siener
(Chattanooga, Tennessee / Hamilton)

Just about an hour ago my best friend dropped by to check out a new guitar I had just purchased. While he was here I had to fill him in on all the news of things that I have been doing.

I told him I had purchased a pedometer and was doing ten thousand steps a day.

He told me that he needed to do something and that he had a doctor's appointment in two months that he would like to ace.

Then he told me that he had a membership with one of the local health studios but that it was difficult to get up, make a date and go there.

Without trying to be pushy I told him about my experience. This is what I said:

"Buying this pedometer is the best thing I have ever done. The reason is you don't have to go anywhere but out your door and take a walk."

I told him, "For me, it was the best workout in the world because all you have to do is set a daily goal and if you have not reached the goal yet you know where the door is."

Let me look. As of right this minute I have 9,499 completed steps walking for today. It is 9:52 where I live so I simply have five hundred and one steps left to complete by twelve midnight. That gives me two hours left to make my goal.

One great thing about my twenty dollar pedometer is that it automatically records the data for the day at midnight and resets.

Like last night, at eleven-thirty I had to get up and walk like a manic. By midnight I had completed Ten thousand and fourteen steeps.

Now what in the heck would motivate a person to get up out of a comfortable bed and walk a mile near midnight?

I guess it is just that the damn thing resets and I don't want to falter by a few hundred steps.

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Trying to do more steps each day too!
by: Shelley Perez

Wow! Way to go - 10,000 steps a day - that's awesome. I'm lucky if I can get 2,500 steps a day. My goal is to do 5,000 each day, but I rarely make it.

I have 4 young kids, so you'd think I'd be getting lots of steps in chasing them all around, but somehow I never can reach my goal.

I'm so glad to hear that the pedometer is working for you and that it motivates you to keep going, even when it's late at night and you're probably tired.

The next time I don't feel like doing those extra 500 steps I'll think about you and hopefully it will give me the push that I need to just do it! Thanks for sharing your story.

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