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My own variation push-up and core workout

by Clayton Becenti

I have my own routine of 3 sets of push-ups, then side bends, leg lifts, and decline crunches. Here's how it works:

First, do as many standard push-ups as you can. If you can get one, use the Perfect Push-up device.

The next thing you do is side bends with weights. I recommend about 10 per side and concentrate on your oblique pulling the weight up. The side bends greatly improve your obliques.

Then on to the leg lifts. Leg lifts may be done on a decline bench or lying on the floor. Raise your legs up slowly and back down about 20 times.

Then decline crunches are the last part of set one. You should aim for as many as possible.

The second set consists of as many wide push-ups as you can get with the perfect push up. Then repeat the process for side bends, leg lifts and decline crunches.

The last set should include military push-ups and then repeat the next 3 exercises.

The equipment that is required is a decline bench, optional Perfect Push-up, and dumbbells which are required.

I created this workout routine on my own, with experience of reading several exercise books and doing several workout programs.

This is a great workout to build your chest up and show your abs.

I was in decent shape when I began this. I was able to finish the workout but was sore in the beginning. Then I began to increase the reps.

I am currently doing this workout and will contine to do it. This workout made me much stronger because the core muscles are the key to working all the other muscles.

Sometimes I also include a 3 mile run or a bike ride in this program to help for endurance.

I recommend that other people try it. It will help you get great six-pack abs.

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