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My opinion on the worst restuarant in the world when trying to lose weight

by Rachele H.
(Appleton, WI)

I believe that the worst restaurant in the world, is also one of the most common restaurants in the world. The world-wide fast food corporation called McDonald's.

McDonald's has over 30,000 restaurants world wide in several different countries. I believe this restaurant will make anyone and everyone who eats there gain weight, because of the over sized portions that cram in way too many calories.

McDonald's had to be forced to share calorie and nutritional information on the outside of their packages, because of all of the health risks associated with people over eating.

The food is practically dripping with grease, so much that the wrappers and bags are soaked through with grease.

I believe that people are unaware of the negative affects of McDonald's because they are uninformed. I believe that if people were given more information on the nutritional value, in ways where they would not have to squint their eyes to view the information, they may be less likely to eat the food.

I also believe that McDonald's ropes people in because of the convenience of being able to pull up and get 'food' without getting out of your vehicle.

I think overall, people forget how terrible McDonald's is because it is promoted so well, without the side effects being made public.

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Fast food restaurants
by: Dr. Dan

Several years ago I traveled with my family from our home in Florida to Australia.

The first thing I noticed when the door of the plane opened was that the people were much thinner in Australia than they were in the United States.

What makes the difference? Well, for one, the people in Australia walk more. They are out and around and doing things. And that keeps them healthier.

The other thing is that they don't have so many fast food restaurants. What they do have is excellent food, fresh and nutritious and delicious, everywhere you go.

Drive-through food is very dense in calories and loaded with fat. The reason that so many people eat it is that it is addicting.

The solution is to kick the fast food. I don't think you can really cut down on fast food, not if you want to lose weight. You have to swear it off.

Plan ahead. Cook meals in advance. Pack your lunch. Only then can you hope to lose those extra pounds.

Dr. Dan

You are right
by: paulomuller

You are right when you say McDonald's is the worst place ever to go if you're dieting. Just realize the concentration of fat in those small (very small) sandwiches.

Worst of all, in third world countries, although it's small and fatty, McDonald's sandwiches are very, very expensive.

Maybe that's why they don't stop producing TV commercials. To eat those things, fatty and pricey, only induced by propaganda.

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