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My Money's on Weight Watchers

by Mags
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Life changing

Weight watchers changed my life! Well, my eating habits anyway. I'd tried dieting before and I usually found that even if I could follow a diet for a week or so, ZINNNNG!!!! I'd be binge eating after I'd lost a few pounds.

(Although even worse than crashing from a diet was anticipating that I was going to start a diet. I would gorge on donuts day after day in anticipation of the deprivation I knew I'd feel once my diet started, assuring myself that, "I'll go on that diet tomorrow." Right.)

Nutrition and appearance

Then my gluttony and poor nutrition habits began affecting my appearance. I'm not even going to mention the health dangers associated with poor diet: diabetes, cancer, heart disease. (Oops. I just mentioned them.)

Besides the weight gain (jelly belly and flop-butt), I had limp, lackluster hair and sallow, blotchy skin. I knew it was time to take action.

Sensible eating

So I started with the Weight Watchers diet. I call it sensible eating, with controlled portions and controlled (not eliminated) foods.

The key here is that foods are not eliminated completely, even if they're high-fat or high-sugar. Love bacon? Sour cream? Cream cheese?

You don't have to do without these favorites entirely. Even ice cream isn't banned completely. The key is moderation.

Your favorite foods

A typical Weight Watchers recipe might have two tablespoons of sour cream instead of 1/2 a cup, or two teaspoons of oil instead of three tablespoons. So you can still have that flavor you love rolling off your tongue, but it's not going to be clogging your arteries or adding another layer of fat to those thunder thighs.

Being able to Continue Eating Your Favorite Foods is key in Sticking To A Diet. And that's why Weight Watchers works for me.

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