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My Failed Weight Watchers Diet Experience

by Sherly
(Grand Rapids, MI)

I decided to go on Weight Watchers after looking at several different diet methods. I thought that this could be "it" -- the winning solution for my weight problem.

The thing is, I have some factors that may act as a threat to my diet plan such as my hobby of eating tasty meals, snacking on fried food, or just plain liking to eat in rather large quantity until I feel satisfied or happy.

I really try hard to stay on the plan, day by day. Each day is a struggle for me.

I remember having only 23 points to spend everyday on food. Every morning I wake up with plans in my head on how can I divide that 23 points to eat meals that last for that one day.

At first, it was very hard because most of the food I like to eat (Chinese food, fast food, chips, etc) are all going to kill my points reserve real fast with just one meal. However, after about 1 month, it is getting easier to plan my meals although my options of balancing between what I like to eat and how much I can eat is a continuous bidding war in my head.

The second month, I work really well in combining some greens, fish/chicken, some white rice, and even some treats between meals. I also combined the diet plan with drinking the protein water to help me in dealing with the hunger in between the arranged eating times.

Then comes the third month. During this last month of my diet, so many things going on in my personal life. The stress of school, household chores, caring for a young child, and family problems seem to get the best of me.

I started using my weekly allowance points to go on food eating binges. I can't seem to control my eating anymore. I became reluctant to go on the website to write down everything I ate throughout the day.

At the middle of the fourth month, I finally decided to quit the program instead of keep paying but not using it in my daily life.

Overall, the program was a nice one except that my cons toward the program is I always feel hungry throughout the day.

Between the guilt and the hunger, I just can't find a way to get a win-win situation where I can be free from guilt of eating food and keeping myself feeling satisfied.

I tried everything such as eating more vegetables instead of meat (in large quantity) to help keeping my body feeling satisfied, and consuming fiber food.

I even supplement myself by drinking extra powdered fiber beverage too. As far as for hunger, I also drink the protein water to help me from feeling hungry.

I think this is a great program for those that can stick to it. I am having a hard time eating food that is tasteless (including their recipes). That is why my diet plan with them failed.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Stress in your life and family difficulties can sure make it more difficult when you are trying to slim down.

One thing that can help is to cook some healthy dishes in larger quantities once per week. Then you can freeze them in small containers.

If you have a lunch box with good, healthy food in it you won't need to eat quite so much of the "fast food, chips, etc."

Dr. Dan

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