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My Experience With Atkins Diet

by Carlos Sáez
(Lima, Perú)

I once tried the Atkins diet based on a recommendation from a friend.

I started by lowering carb intakes, for example, I stopped eating bread entirely, stopped eating rice with potatoes, saying goodbye for all things fried (chicken, French fries, everything).

Fast food was forbidden and I focused on eating small portions of rice OR potatoes, and basically, eating more salads (avoiding sweet vegetables) and roasted chicken and grilled fish.

Well, I 'starved' for the first 15 days, but after the second week onwards, my starving had gone and shortly after, I began to lose weight.

I checked regularly my weight in the same scale almost everyday and I began to notice the weight loss (although I didn't saw any changes).

But, one day, out of the blue, I noticed that my belly had simply vanished! I had to take my suits to a tailor in order to match my new weight, I was quite happy, but at that time my parents were scared that I was on some kind of eating disorder, so then, after losing 23 pounds, I stopped.

My new 'shape' lasted for a year or so (after I resumed 'normal' eating habits) and then I slowly gained some weight again. I think that it wasn't the diet's fault but mine.

I might try to do it again in the future, this time combined with exercising, but the first 15-day challenge is what scares me somewhat. Bottom line, diet with some exercise too!

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