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My Cardio Zumba Experience -- The BEST Dance Workout I''ve HAD!

by Rizza Piccio

Love to dance

I am very fond of working out and the best form of work out for me is dancing. It was in September 2010 when I first started the Zumba Cardio workout.

I was 27 years old when I found out about Zumba workout. A friend gave it to me as a gift because she knew I love dancing so much.

The workout

A zumba workout consists of all latin dances from Caribbean, Brazil, and Mexico that is mixed up with hip-hop and taebo steps.

Well, it is an hour workout including the warm-up and cool down part. I have been working out for a year that it has been a great experience.

It was never difficult for me because, I knew the basic dance steps that were being used in the workout video. In the video, it was not a difficult thing to do because they would break down the steps for you and then afterward, they will do it on tempo.

Helps physically and mentally

It was a wonderful way to keep me physically fit. As a physical education teacher, I should always keep myself fit. This workout video helps me a lot with this goal.

Mentally, it is very relaxing. It helps me in a way that it cleared my mind on the things that bugging me. In the end, after I finish each workout, I would feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle my mentally demanding work.

The schedule

It was a friend who gave me the video who keeps on prodding me to continue with my workout since at times, I would forego it over my work.

Most of the time, I do it on my own at home or in school and at times, I would schedule a workout date with my friend. Usually, we do it every first and last Saturday of the month.

Keep track of our goals

Since we’ve started this set-up, we have been doing it, never missing a workout date. It worked well for both of us. It turned out positively.

Because we all know that we really need someone to help us keep track of our goals especially being fit.

Improved endurance

As I have mentioned above that I love dancing, I always do the workout from warm-up down to cool down part with enthusiasm.

On the first time that I did it, I was sore the next day I woke up. But after continuously doing it, it never happened anymore.

It did help me very well in my endurance at work. I had to teach from 8:00am-2:30pm and I didn’t feel any tiredness because of this one GREAT ZUMBA CARDIO workout video.

Recommend it to others

Since I started it last September 2010, I’m hooked into it. I do it everyday in school after class and with my friend every first and last Saturday of the month.

I have been suggesting it to my colleagues and have been giving them a copy of the video. I am an advocate of keeping one’s self healthy that I try to help everybody that I know ways they can make themselves healthy. Seriously, I would gladly suggest it to other people.

It’s a high impact, very enjoying cardio workout. You wouldn’t even think that you are working out because it is very engaging and enjoying.

Make sure you are heart healthy

Of course, before they would try this video, they need to consult their doctor. It is very important most especially because this is a cardio workout. Their heart should be able to keep up with the fast paced moves in the workout video.

If they think they are healthy enough to try it on their own without consulting their doctor anymore, just be cautious.

Try it out first and if they feel dizzy after a while, then they should stop working out. Consult first and then go back to the video and enjoy when they are able to get an approval from their doctors.

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