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My At Home Exercise Routine

by Althea
(Jamaica, WI)

I have never gone to a professional gym to work out. I have instead developed my own simple routine work-out program which I do at home. I have found it to be quite exhilarating and rewarding.

I usually start off with a warm up before getting out of the bed. I do this by simply lifting my legs and doing some pedaling. I align my body the best I can and pedal away observing and changing my feet rotation. Sometimes I go forward and sometimes backward. Sometimes fast sometimes slow.

I sometimes end with stretching, arching the back and doing simple stretches. I find that arching my back releases some type of tension so that if I have a sore back I arch and flex it slowly and gently holding the position at various points.

I just use my judgment and do it moderately. All this time I am still in bed. The way I see it is why not use the exercise-while-reclining factor to kick start the motivation.

I usually get into the mood after these stretches and then roll out of bed and work my routine based what my body feels like doing. I might start off my on-the-floor routine by jogging on the spot, doing jumping jacks, skipping or doing circles with the arms or various body points (hips, waist, ankles.)

By this time I am definitely working up a sweat. Sometimes I feel like doing abdominals but that's not often. I focus more on toning, stretching and sweating, so sometimes I do a simple dance.

I find that if you listen to your body it will tell you what it needs so I do not follow any one routine. I just go with the flow, allow my body to dictate and I go through my morning routine.

It is so much more fun and helps to to be more mentally relaxed instead of being mentally mindful that I did not do this or that right.

I might see some new moves and routines which appeal to me or challenge me and I incorporate them.

Its no pressure and the most important thing is that when I do this I stay in shape and in good health. Sometimes I go outdoors to do my running and sometimes what I do inside is satisfying enough.

I would recommend my routine to anyone. Age and health is not a great factor as you are simply doing what your body demands and do not stress yourself. Some days you will do a whole lot and some days just a bit more than warming up. It is a great routine.

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