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Multi-tasking Workout -- Best Workout I've Ever Done

by Sid Aarhus

Well, the best workout routine that I have ever done, I actually created myself.

First: I started with fifty push-ups, then a two minute rest.

Second: I decided to drop to the floor and do fifty sit-ups just to get the workout burn started.

When I began to feel my whole abdomen start to burn I took a thirty second break followed by flexing every muscle from my waistline to my pectorals. While flexing I kept tense and started twisting my upper torso left to right approximately thirty times each way.

Immediately after that I kept the flex going and began to throw hooked punches downwards and out so I could get my back worked a little bit.

From there I began to lower my chest and raise it while I was still doing the punches. The goal was to get as many multi-tasking workout elements into one as possible.

After the burn hit me hard I began to work on my legs, first by stretching out, then standing on one foot keeping perfect balance. I lowered myself as close to the ground as possible.

I did this for both legs ten times each. Then my legs gave way under me.

So I took another five minute rest. When I decided to start back up again I could actually get my hind-end about an inch from the ground with ease!

That was the gist of the workout. The next-day pain however will last for a while. Hope this helps!

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good but need additional exercise for effective result
by: Anna

These workouts, especially push-ups and sit-ups, are effective in strengthening the body and burning a little excess fat. However if you want to obtain noticeable result more quickly, you have to do additional hard activities for the workouts to be beneficial.

For example doing rope skipping is a great exercise for burning excess calories. Thirty minutes rope skipping equals one hour running in terms of the amount of fat burnt.

It is simple, inexpensive and advantageous for you if you don't have a safe place to do some jogging. So I highly recommended that you opt for rope skipping with multi-workouts for the ideal results.

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