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Multiple Exercises Build Muscle Mass And Maintain Agility!

by Ronald
(Santiago, Chile)

I´m a martial artist and my weight is 143 lbs, and I always wanted more weight, so my kicks and punches could do more damage.

But the only problem was that by doing that I was afraid I would lose my agility. At my weight I was almost like a feather :D

But then I discovered that I could gain muscle and not have to stop doing my martial art (Kyeok Too Ki.) I gained pure muscle and didn't lose my agility.

First I exercise normally, 1-2 hours of kickboxing. But you can do cardio or whatever you like.

After the cardio I rest 20 minutes to give my body time to recuperate. That gets you ready for the rest of the workout.

After that I do heavy weights. I did bench press, biceps curl, pushups and pullups. I went heavy with all my sets.

I immediately got muscle growth. But since I kept up my high intensity cardio I didn't lose any agility.

After I finished the workout I made sure I drank a protein shake. That gave my muscles something to build with. And that's my solution. :)


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Note from Dr. Dan


That sounds like it would work. There are power lifters that have a little different approach. They work all day doing heavy work -- like moving furniture.

Then after 10 hours of moving furniture, they hit the gym for some heavy concentrated sets. And when they do that they see their results multiply.

So like you discovered, mixing it up with different activities is going to give you the best results.

Dr. Dan

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