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Mountain Training (Manitou Springs Incline)

by SGT D
(Ft Carson)

Well this training event stared once I moved to Ft. Carson, CO. A few of my peers told me about this "incline" and that if you could do it in under an hour you would be fine in this altitude.

The incline starts at 6,574 feet above sea level, and raises to 8,585 feet above sea level, over one mile, the grade varies from 68% to 41%.

I mean imagine going from 600 feet running an average 13 minute 2-mile time, and then adding an altitude factor.

The first time this incline destroyed me, physically and mentally because of the infamous "false summit". So this is what I did to train for this event because under an hour isn't in my vocabulary.

So I started running 4 mile runs, every other day to become acclimated to this 6,000 foot altitude (Colorado Springs). Doing sprints and ruck marches on the off days (put 35 lbs on your back and walk 4 miles). This worked for the first 2 weeks.

Then I upped the ruck marching two miles every other week, building up to now 12 miles with 35 lbs on my back.

The sprints take about 1 hour of time, then followed by ruck squats (putting that 35 lb ruck on my back squatting to the point of 90 degrees on my knees) usually doing 3x50.

Just yesterday (23rd of January), guess what my time is now... you guessed it, dropped by a cool 15 minutes (last time was 41:42). So for a combat veteran, and seven year army guy, I think I've met my match.

So what does this 27 year old have to look forward to? The sub 30 minute club (only a few have the rights to this club), and I know soon I'll get that as well!


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Note from Dr. Dan


I looked up some photos of the Manitou Springs Incline. It's straight up!

You're clearly one of those "go anywhere, do anything" kind of guys.

We're lucky to have guys like you protecting us.

Dr. Dan

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