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Mountain Biking in Fruita

by Steven Smith

The best workout I think I have ever had was in Fruita CO. The mountain biking trails there are numerous and range from beginner to VERY difficult.

I was visiting a friend in Grand Junction when I was asking around for things to do and someone pointed me in the direction of Fruita.

The trail I rode, Rustler's Loop, starts off as a steep incline and you will feel almost certainly that it will never end. Once on top you start a gradual decent through twists, turns, drops, and plenty of scary downhill stuff.

It takes about an hour at most to get through the ride, but it is an intense hour. There were times when I was dying from all of the tough uphill stuff, but most of the time it is pure joy.

The trail straddles the Colorado River and is insanely beautiful.

The feeling you get when you do finish is awesome; it helped me to learn that I can get through anything as long as I just never stop.

When I returned home I noticed the local trials were easier for me.

It is a single track ride and I did it alone most of the times I went, but you could ride with others. Do expect to leave with some scrapes and scratches; it is all part of the fun.

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