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by Justin Robillard
(Cambria, CA)

The prime culprit.

The prime culprit.

The Main Street Grill in Cambria, California has got to be the worst restaurant on the face of the earth for dieters. I will give three specific reasons, but there are many more.

First, the Tri-Tip Sandwich. It is incredible, and you can smell it from down the street because they grill the meat outside. It’s piled high with tri-tip that’s been smothered in a delicious, sweet barbecue sauce. I’m pretty sure that corn syrup is the main ingredient in this sauce – that or crack. The whole sandwich is served on – of course – bread. But not just any bread – garlic bread. Delicious, buttery garlic bread.

Second, the ABC Burger. That stands for Avocado, Bacon, and Cheese...burger, and there’s something about the way that pile on the ingredients that makes it super creamy and full of flavor. The bacon is the real deal. It’s huge and cooked just right, and they give you plenty. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t use an entire avocado per burger, and the cheese is goopy and ties the whole thing together.

Finally, the Fries. I love fries – I consider myself an aficionado of fries – and the fries at The Main Street Grill are my favorite. By themselves, they might not be too bad, but the serving size is the real culprit. The smallest size they offer is about one pound of fries – easily several handfuls – and the grease seeps through the bag…yum. To make matters worse, they offer large sides of ranch FOR FREE. They are incredible and mix perfectly with the ketchup that is also virtually unlimited. I easily use half a bottle of ketchup at each sitting. To top everything off, the fries are seasoned. Mmmmm…salty.

I just found out from my doctor that my cholesterol is high, and I’m going to have to give up my regular trips to this restaurant. This is, I’m sure, for the best, but I miss it already.

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High cholesterol?
by: Dr. Dan


Any idea why you might be having trouble with the cholesterol? Just curious.

Dr. Dan

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