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Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan

Reviewed by eminent trainer Mike Murphy and his associates

Mike Murphy is a premier trainer in Provo, Utah. He and some of his associates were kind enough to review my program Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan and give their expert opinion. He is what they had to say:

Recommended reading

What's on the reading list at Body4Change? Several of the trainers -- and these are pros so they know what they're talking about -- recently reviewed Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan and here is what they said:

Mike Murphy:

Chapter 1 really clicked with me. The statistics are very real and everyone should hear them. Many of our clients are shocked to know that they are considered obese when they start and some even morbidly obese.

There are so many fad diets and spoofs about losing weight and getting into shape. This book helps outline the real and lasting ways to lose weight and stay in shape.

Tanya Jean:

"The average person is becoming fatter." This line of the book made me chuckle a bit to myself but it's true and sad. The tummy toners, thigh trimmers and flab rollers sold on TV infomercials don't even come close to supplying the amount and variety of exercise we need to stay fit and healthy.

The exercises and routines outlined in this book are a smart and systematic approach to not just losing weight but being healthy.

Becky Ker:

I love Chapter 19 of this book entitled "Tips for Success." Many times people set goals that are unrealistic. This book helps you realize what is realistic.

We regularly take our clients to the grocery store and have started suggesting to shop around the edges and to not go down the aisles.

Also, not going shopping hungry is a great tip. We've been having our clients keep a food journal and it really does provide great accountability and motivation.

The principles in this book help me train my clients properly and with an appropriate pace. I love to live by a quote in the last chapter of the book, "Your life is ahead of you, not behind you. Start fresh today and work for a better tomorrow."

Next time you're in Utah...

Well, you'll probably want to visit Utah Fitness and see what they have to offer. Why? Because that's where you'll find:

The boot camp

Now, usually when you need to lose weight fast you start a new diet, right? But the results are never what you would like.

Why is that? It's because you're headed the wrong direction. Another starvation diet will just slow you down some more, leading to sluggish metabolism and easier weight gain.

The alternative? Boot Camp! Mike Murphy and his crew have a boot camp for you. What's a boot camp? Consider it an opportunity -- an opportunity to focus on making yourself stronger and leaner.

Laser beam focus on results

You just sign up -- and it's affordable, about $15.00 per session -- and then jump in. For 4 weeks you focus like a laser beam with Mike, Tanya and Becky's personal guidance and motivation.

You'll come out the other side stronger, leaner, feeling and looking better.

You'll love the results you get. It can be the start of a better future for you.

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