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Meditation And Rope Skipping -- Helped Me Relax And Lose Weight

by monalily
(Port Louis, Mauritius, Africa)

When I was an adolescent, I was overweight and wanted to do anything to lose excess weight I had. So asked my friends and grandmother what type of exercises are good to do to lose some weight.

My grand mother said doing meditation has double benefits and my friends suggest that I do exercises. Finally I decided to do both to increase the efficiency.

I was very excited that day because I was going to do something new. At 8 AM in the morning I closed my bedroom and decided to begin with thirty minutes of meditation. First I chose a comfortable seat and good posture like the Vajra posture. I crossed my legs which reduced my thoughts and feeling for desirous attachment.

Slowly I placed my right hand in the left hand, palm upwards. I felt my concentration was increasing. With my back straight, I tipped my head a little forward and my eyes neither completely closed or wide open, I was gazing at the line of my nose. By that time I was mentally more excited.

I started breathing slowly, concentrating myself more on the breath. As I inhaled, it was like I was getting the blessing from a holy being in the form of light.

And when I was breathing out, I felt all my sorrows and disturbing thoughts going out. I continued doing this meditation until I woke up when my alarm rang after thirty minutes.

I was so happy because I felt very light like a droppping feather. I was feeling more confident to start my exercise now. Hence after meditation, I took my rope and began rope skipping.

I skipped 100 times and then took a break. I drank some water and after five minutes, I restarted. After another 100 rope skips, I stopped the exercise.

I do the meditation and rope skipping everyday and I was overwhelmed when I saw that I lost 3kg in one month. My thinking and maturity had increased. This destroyed my stress and I was happy ever after that.

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Rope skipping and Meditation
by: Sid

Hi, I was interested in your story. Many years ago I use to jump rope for at least one hour. I would count the rotations of the rope and was able to absorb myself in the exercise without being aware of the exercise. It was the counting that did it!

I was following a kind of zen training. I think it is important to combine exercise with meditation. Now, I am planning a program to get back into skipping. I have DVT so it is not easy for me. There is discomfiture. But, there is something of the mystical in doing this. One can promote this rather than just enhancing one's ego. Good luck on your path.

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