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Mediocre Weight Loss From NutriSystem

by Mona

I am a yo-yo in the weight-loss department. I have tried numerous weight-loss diets throughout my lifetime.

The last program I tried was Nutrisystem. I had tried Nutrisystem about thirty (30) years ago when you actually had to go to a meeting to get your food and you had to weigh-in weekly.

Nutrisystem food back then was AWFUL! Now most of it is good to delicious AND you don't have to go to meetings or weigh-in.

The food is easily ordered online and you can customize your order to include the foods you like. It seems the program is based on portion control ... and the portion size is minimal! The first few days I would regularly get hungry!

The cost of Nutrisystem is pricey. Not only because of the actual food you must buy from Nutrisystem but because you have to add produce and dairy to the plan which you must buy yourself.

I found myself having to go to the grocery store numerous times a week in order to get fresh produce. I find that going to the grocery store only tempts me to buy things I shouldn't be eating so going to the store so often is a trial!

The last time I was on Nutrisystem I lost 16 lbs in four months. That is disappointing to me as I followed the plan to the T. I am used to being on fasting programs in which the weight loss by the end of four months would have been 40 lbs at the very least.

But like all of the programs I have tried .... you can lose the weight, but a diet program is not a total success unless you can keep the weight off. I am convinced there is no such weight-loss diet out there.

The Best thing about Nutrisystem is that it has improved my diabetes sugar numbers and I don't have to use as much insulin. But as a weight-loss program it is not high on my list.

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