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by Jason Alexander
(Toledo, OH)

I really feel that Mcdonalds is the worst restaurant in the world when I'm trying to lose weight.

There is one just a mile down the road from where I live just outside of Toledo, OH. The convenience of the location is the main reason for my weakness when trying to lose weight.

I can have nothing but healthy food at my home but I know that a five minute car ride down the road and I can have a cheeseburger, fries and a coke.

Everything I would ever want to order at Mcdonalds is greasy and unhealthy. The fries are deepfried and full of salt and fat and the burgers are fried and of a dubious grade of meat.

There is no pretense of offering anything fresh or healthy with the value meals. Onions and a couple of mottled pieces of lettuce are the only vegetables offered.

Another reason that it's such a terrible place to eat while on a diet is that it's so cheap. I feel fine stopping in anytime of day and considering it a snack instead of a meal since I can get in and out for around 5 dollars.

It becomes a spur of the moment purchase instead of something I look forward to and so is less satisfying.

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Truly said Jason Alexander
by: Shweta Jain

I also usually go to McD in my town but the bad thing is that some times the food is not fresh and salubrious. The food that is most economic is not healthy.

Once I gotta use the washroom and for that I had to wait for about quarter an hour always a big rush at the junction.

And sometimes it takes too long to get my food!

McDonalds is awful!
by: TripleA1989

Yes the food tastes great, but you'll think differently after reading the nutrition facts. One of my favorite things to buy from McDonalds was the milkshake. Little did I know that it was one of the most unhealthiest things on their menu. From what I remember, a medium milkshake has about 1000 calories. Another thing about McDonalds that many don't know is that the smell of their food is engineered. ENGINEERED!! There's actually a 'fragrant' added to the food designed to make you hungry. To keep the weight off, I simply stopped making visits to any kind of fast food restaurants. I do occasionally make a stop at McDonalds, but ONLY after a long game of basketball.

Flavors in processed food
by: Dr. Dan


Unfortunately you are completely right about fragrances in McDonald's food.

In the old days, back in the '60s, McDonald's fries tasted the way they did because of the way they were made. They were hand peeled and cut up, and they were fried in beef fat. They tasted good and everybody loved them.

As time went on the food at McDonald's became more processed, more complicated and less natural.

Now McDonald's fries are not cooked in beef fat. So where does the flavor come from? It comes from a flavor factory. "Beef fat flavor" is added to the fries to give them that taste that everybody loves.

It's not just McDonald's that does this. So does Wendy's. And Burger King. And Coke. And Pop Tarts. And Fritos corn chips. And all of the thousands and thousands of processed foods that make up the majority of the "modern" diet.

They add flavors that are made in huge flavor factories and sold to all the food companies.

Why do they do it? Because they have to. The ingredients are so highly processed -- so changed from their natural state -- that they have no flavor. If they didn't add the artificial flavors nobody would eat them.

Some foods list "natural flavors" on the ingredients. Are "natural flavors" any better? No, not really. The natural flavors are still chemicals that are added to your food.

They are made in chemical processing plants, obtained from "natural ingredients" by extraction with solvents and combined into a totally unnatural chemical blend and put into the food.

It's a miracle the human body can survive eating that way. And it is no wonder that obesity is an epidemic.

The solution? Don't eat any of it. Don't shop the aisles where all the fast food is. Cook your own food. Eat lean meats and poultry and fish. Have lots of fresh vegetables.

Have some food with real flavors instead of chemicals. It really does make a difference.

Dr. Dan

Ronald McDon't
by: Kevin

The worlds worst restaurant is obviously McDonald's. You cannot find anything that is remotely healthy there. Obviously they are a "fast" food chain which means the faster it is, the worst it is for you. Typically the prep time for foods in these industries is extremely fast. Only way to cook fast is with oils. Yup thats right, good old deep fried foods.

Add in your white starchy carbs with those oils and your talking about 24g-60g in just one serving of something. They have Restaurants everywhere which increases your temptation. Not to mention they have tied down the market in the younger generation. You can't talk to a young kid who hasn't ever been to a McDonald's. They are growing up on it. It is also cheap. The quality of the food is horrid, and this keeps the price low. Gives people more gut for their buck if you will! Their lunch and dinner foods are really nothing compared to their breakfast. Sausage alone packs enough fat that when mixed with a deep fried hash brown your getting your daily allotted fat up waking up. The grease from the hash browns goes through the paper wrapping and even the bag.

It just screams heart attack!

The "Most Fattening Food in McDonald's" Award goes to...
by: Lauren

You're right. McDonald's is the best place you can go to... if you DON'T want to lose weight.

There are obviously many fatty and greasy food in this fast food chain but I would have to give the "Most Fattening Food in McDonald's" award to their golden french fries.

I single out the french fries, not necessarily because they have the most calories, but because they are so crunchy and addictive that I can wolf down a lot of them without my hardly noticing it.

I wonder if McDonald's has any plans to offer a healthier option, such as baked potato chips, for those who are health-conscious but still want something to nibble on in between burger bites.

But for now, I control my intake of fries simply by ordering the smallest size they have available when I am in McDonald's. And I guess I can lessen the times I go to McDonald's as well...

Mc Donalds - the tastey devil !!
by: Austin

Well.... to tell u guyz the truth.. I really didnt really get to taste mcdonalds till i was 16. I live in India and we dont have any mcdonalds around here. But i got a chance to go to a place called mumbai where there is a mcdonalds just near the railway station. I had gone for a holiday there for about a month... that was when i got to know about mc donalds... I really liked the huge chicken burger and the softees there... and also the potato fingers.... mmmmmm just mouth watering... but then... i started to put on a lot of weight which was then i started to regret goin to mcdonalds...
Then I went on a diet for about 3 months to reduce around 7 kilos... mcdonalds is good to eat but not very healthy.... its very easy to become obese just by a few visits to mcdonalds. well... its a great place to spend your time with your friends and family but not a very healthy place for diet health concious people.

Comfort Food, Not good for you waist or your heart!
by: Ashley Morgan

I too am a huge fan of McDonald's, it?s the ultimate comfort food as far as I?m concerned. You can go to any McDonald?s all over the country, or all over the world for that matter, and know that you?ll get the same greasy, but tasty food served to you. And for under 6 bucks, how can we resist? The truth is that value meal is going to cost your waistline and your body a lot more than it is your wallet. Although, most of the choices at McDonald?s are unhealthy, you can cut back on portion, fat and quality, and not worry about sabotaging your diet or weight loss efforts. I think the best way to cut back at McDonald's is to order the kids meal with a diet soda or water. If this isn?t enough to fill you up, another option is to forgo the value meal and opt for a single cheeseburger or chicken sandwich, etc and order a side salad, cup of soup, yogurt, or apple slices for a side, rather than a heaping order of greasy French fries. I?m sure there are restaurants out there that are even worse, but the problem with McDonald?s is that it is EVERYWHERE and CHEAP, so it is often one of our first choices for a quick bite to eat, or a midnight snack attack. I think the best way to recover from a McDonald?s binge is to fill up with and flush out all that sodium with plenty of water.

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