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Master Cleanse Is Very Difficult

by Riley
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Can't stick to lemonade diet

On multiple occasions I have tried the Master Cleanse, also known as the lemonade diet. The diet is supposed to last for 10 days, but I have never made it that far.

Probably 7 or 8 days was the most I've ever made it. The reason is this diet is extremely hard!

Not enough calories -- poor taste

You must survive on just the lemonade concoction which does not offer very many calories for the day or a very good taste.

I remember being hungry only after I had been on the diet a few days though and mostly int he evenings if I remember correctly. The lemonade in my opinion is pretty gross.

Gagging on cayenne

I don't like maple syrup to begin with but mixing that with cayenne pepper made me gag until I finally got used to it.

On this diet you cannot eat what you want to, you are pretty much limited to the lemonade, laxative tea and a salt water solution to flush the system. Eating in restaurants or any sort of special occasions meal during this diet is near impossible unless you want to be driven to insanity by the smells and the rumbling of your stomach.

Simple but nauseating

The plus side is, at least for me, the diet was easy to stick to until the point that I got so hungry and nauseated by the lemonade that I just couldn't do it anymore.

The only bad thing is I do remember being very cranky and snappy and friends and family because I was so unhappy with my food intake.

Can't recommend it

I guess I may try the master cleanse again, but I don't think I would recommend it to a friend unless they really wanted a good detox diet.

It is very hard to get through and unless you can deal with the lemonade. Everyday lasts forever and you feel like the diet will never end.

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Master cleanse and me
by: Anonymous

the purpose of the master cleanse is to detoxify the body - not lose weight. that is a happy side effect...
It IS difficult. I DETEST the taste of the concoction and i don't just gag, i throw i have my own version of what i do. I have done it for up to 15 days (until my tongue turns clear) and i try to do it once a year. you will be tired some days, head achy others and full of energy other times too. Be sure you have already gotten off of caffeine because the headache from caffeine withdrawal is horrible

I however, have no problem with food smells...i ask my husband for deep whiffs of whatever he is eating.

The salt water flush is the most difficult for me. So I mix the salt and 1/4 of the water and heat it to dissolve the salt, and then drink the rest of the water without any salt.

It took a while to figure out the correct ratio for me of salt to water...i need about 1 1/2 tsp salt instead of 1 tsp to get the results i needed. Also, i HATE the taste of maple syrup too- so i take it by itself...and then just sip the lemon water plain - yes plain! I LIKE lemon water.

the cayenne pepper, although you are supposed to mix it in the lemonade, i measure out all at once in the morning and mix with water.

some people have done this diet successfully for 40 days!

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