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Maple Syrup Diet -- Not for the hungry

by Mary Lee

Beyonce claimed she did this amazing cleanse called the "maple syrup diet". I decided to to listen to her and try it. That was a bad idea.

She said she lost a good amount of weight in just two weeks. Since spring break was approaching, and I wanted to look bikini ready, I decided to try this so called amazing diet.

What you do is, basically drink a concoction made up of maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and water. This drink is your sustenance for all the days of your diet.

I read to drink this for ten days, usually six to nine glasses a day. I broke after the second day.

My body was starving.

I drank four glasses of this awful tasting drink on my first day, and by hour twelve, my stomach was screaming. No wonder, you're basically starving your body on just sugar water.

I think this diet is a horrible, horrible idea. If you can stick to it, obviously you would lose water, since you're just taking in liquid.

But since trying it, this type of crash dieting is definitely not for me. It's also just plain unhealthy.

Bottom line, I'd rather do a healthy diet over a prolonged time, rather than a disgusting, unhealthy diet over a short period time.

Mary Lee

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Note from Dr. Dan

Mary Lee,

There's another version of the Maple Syrup Diet. In the new version you leave out the lemon juice and add pancakes.

The weight loss isn't as fast but you can stay with it longer.

Thanks for sharing your experience with this very strange "diet."

Dr. Dan

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this is Master Cleanse - not meant for weight loss
by: Anonymous

this is the master cleanse and it is a DETOX not a weight loss diet. ...and beyonces version did not give you all of the other details required. it IS very difficult - but it safely and effectively cleanses your system of toxins. It is only to be done for 10 days, no more than 40.

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