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Madonna Fitness Obsession? A Word About Overtraining

Nowdays we see athletes and entertainers who use modern training techniques to keep themselves in top condition.

One of the entertainers that sets a good example of this is Madonna. Whatever you might think about her or her music, you'd have to agree that she has kept remarkably fit for someone who at this writing is 51 years old.

This from

MADONNA has brushed off criticism of her overly-muscled body - insisting she needs to keep in shape because it’s her job.

“I do it for health reasons and for aesthetic reasons. If I have to go out on stage and jump around in a pair of hot pants, I better look good. Also when I perform, I am like an athlete and I have to be in good shape," she said.

Madonna, 51, had sparked concerns about her obsession with fitness with her prominent biceps and frequent trips to the gym.

But can you take things too far? Certainly. Overtraining can be a problem for those who are overly aggressive in their training.

Signs of overtraining include becoming weaker despite exercise, weakness, dizzyness and racing heart with minimal exertion.

This is easily corrected. Just take a week or two off. Your performance won't suffer. You'll probably come back after your break stronger than ever.


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