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Losing Weight With Swimming

by Trev Barker

Recently I moved to Spain & before I got here I weighed about 100kg due to over eating & drinking & generally not restricting when and what I ate. It is the heaviest I have ever been.

I'm 180cm tall but still, the weight was really starting to look embarrassing.

Something had to happen & I knew exercise was the only way to shed the Kgs. Lucky I have access to a swimming pool & it being summer I made a dramatic choice to cut out beer, eat smaller and healthier foods like salads and fish & get in that swimming pool & do an hour of laps each day.

The good thing about doing this exercise is simply that I have always loved swimming. No impact on the body & actually doesn't feel like exercise to me.

The swimming pool I use is quite small so it only takes 15 seconds to swim a length but I swim to the top by breast stroke & do a back stroke on the return and simply repeat for an hour with only 1 or 2 short 10 second breaks.

I'm generally a little beat after the swim but never shattered or exhausted. I feel fantastic afterwards & the shower feels even better.

I would recommend this exercise to anyone but sadly a swimming pool for most is a luxury.

In two months I have gone from 100kg to 93kg. I really love the results so far & will keep at it while the summer sunshine is still here. Not sure what happens in winter though!

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