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Lifting two of my kids

by Lija John

Lifting things are our part of our life. Lifting small things does not make any difference to our body. But lifting kids is a little bit strange and definitely a strain also.

I have two kids. One goes for play school and other remains at home. The one who goes to school is almost two and a half years old and the younger one is one year old.

The school is 20 minutes from home. I don't have any one at home to help me out. So what I have to do is to carry my younger child and have to walk to the school to pick up the older one.

The younger one is a little over weight. So carrying her to the school and then bringing her back home with my older one is very difficult and also increases my stress in the shoulder, neck and also at the backside.

Sometimes my older child also tells me to carry her. So it is the hardest workouts I had ever faced.

The timing is also very horrible that is from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm and at this time it is very hot in India. Just imagine the heat my children have to face along with me.

But lifting my two kids increased my stamina to hold them properly and also helped me to do other household chores.

I never had been in trouble like this. I just pray no one should pass through such a critical stage. Especially those who have undergone an operation and having backache too.


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Note from Dr. Dan

Dear Lija,

I guess if there is a bright side it is this: walking is good for back pain. It improves the flexibility of the back, improves the overall condition of the muscles and it increases blood flow. So in the long run -- however difficult it is each day -- it will be better for your back.

And you say your younger child is "a little over weight." As she starts walking more you won't have to carry her so much. And the walking will help her take off some of the extra weight.

Good luck to you,

Dr. Dan

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