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Leg lifts and star pushups and yes-no's

by Charlee

Leg lifts are extremely intense. They are the best way to get cut abs, with low reps, in a small amount of time.

Here's how they work: you simply sit at the edge of your bed or on the ground, which ever way you want to do it. Spread your feet just only an inch apart, and point your toes toward straight out.

Lift your legs, touch your knees to your chest, and back down, all while bending your knees as little as possible. If you're doing the leg lifts correctly you should only be able to manage maybe 20 of them, and you should feel a very intense burn in your gut. Keep your hands behind your head while performing these lifts.

The use of ankle weights will also cut down the need for more reps, but this can cause serious strain on your back.

The second toughest work out I've ever experienced are the star push ups. I have no idea why they're called star push ups.

To do one, position your hands with your index and thumbs touching. There should be sort of a diamond made with your hands. On your way down touch your nose in the center of the "diamond". Warning: These are very hard. Do not strain yourself too hard.

Last but not least -- Yes-No's. All you have to do is elevate your self a bit, lay with your head over the edge, and nod your head yes 20 times, then no 20 times, yes 15 times, no 15 times, and so on. These are also extremely hard after a while, more than you would ever imagine.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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