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Kung-Foo Power!

by mike

So my girlfriend and I love kung-foo movies. We always have. We began wondering just what it would take to be as strong and "ripped" as people like Donnie Yen and Bruce Lee.

So I decided to look up different martial arts styles and soon picked the "tiger claw" style. I knew that if I wanted to master it I would need to increase my finger srength dramatically.

I began to devise a workout on my own where I would lift bricks from my basement using only my finger tips up one stair at a time. I almost gave up after the first attempt.

I had to use the tips of my fingers on the bricks (with no grip at all) and move each one up around 15 stairs. Eventually my girlfriend helped me keep at it.

And now I have incredible finger strength. The routine lasted about a month, 2 hours a day, 3 days a week. I'm glad I kept with it.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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