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Kung Fu Workout

by Kevin Richardson
(Sandusky, Ohio)

Kung Fu rings

Kung Fu rings

I go to kung fu class three times a week. Each class is two hours long.

There are several of us in class, of mixed age, gender, and race. I am a 37 year old man and the second oldest in the class.

We start each class with what is called a horse stance where you 'squat' in place with your back straight, then put your arms out in front of you hands up, holding your index fingers up, as though you are making the number one sign. We hold this position for a minute or two (sounds easier than it is). Then we proceed to do some hand and arm exercises while still in the stance.

Then when Sifu (master) decides we have had enough, we begin our leg stretches. With legs apart, take the right hand to the left leg. Then grab your shoe and hold that position for as long as you can. Stand up, then repeat for the other side.

We then proceed to do Chinese push ups. You stand with legs apart and bend over. Then place hands flat on the floor. Now the fun part, put your hands so that the middle fingers are touching each other, now try to do a push-up and see if you can get the elbows to touch the floor.

Then we do regular push-ups. After regular push-ups, we cross our ankles and turn our hands backwards so the back of the hand is on the ground (NOT recommended for beginners!)

Next is the Kung Fu iron Ring workout. We place 5 metal kung fu rings on each arm. Each ring weighs approx. 1-2 lbs depending on which size you use. We then get into a horse stance again, and hold our arms out straight for as long as we possibly can. Then we stand, and go through a Hand set with the rings.

These rings are loose and moving so everytime you strike forward, the rings hit the wrist, thus toughening them up.

After that we do our Kung Fu forms, and whatever technique Sifu decides to show us that day. Then we usually practice our weapons.

All in all it is a VERY tough workout, but I feel so much better when I get home.

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wrist rings help
by: Anonymous

do you know where to get steel or brass wrist rings

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