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Guest Expert: Interview with Kimberly Garrison

Kimberly Garrison -- celebrity fitness trainer

Kimberly Garrison

Kimberly Garrison recently took time from her intense schedule to give her views on fitness and health.

She is an acclaimed trainer and fitness expert. She is active in the Philadelphia area.

She is a highly sought after, appearing frequently on television, and writes a weekly column for the Philadelphia Daily News.

She is a frequent lecturer to private and government organizations who are looking to improve the fitness levels of their workers. Her articles regarding fitness and health appear in national magazines.

The Interview

Dr. Dan:

It's easy to tell just by looking at you that you are in fantastic shape. Are you one of those people that is just naturally strong and lean?

Kimberly Garrison

No, I’m strong and lean because I work at it. I grew up in the theater and was pretty physically active with theater training, voice and dance lessons.

I was taught that your body is your instrument -- take good care of it. I’m 46 now, but in my early 20’s I was bitten by the gym bug and have been a gym goddess ever since.

Dr. Dan:

What kind of fitness routine do you follow, and what is the most important aspect of it?

Kimberly Garrison

I really try to work on cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance, and dance. I enjoy working out and I always make it fun as well as challenging.

I work a lot on fundamentals like jump rope, push-ups, pull-ups, military dips, lunges, and squats. My philosophy is you should master your own weight. Can you push and pull you?

Nothing beats the jump rope for cardio. Six minutes of jump rope is equivalent to 20 minutes of jogging, and you work your balance, timing, agility, and your whole body too.

I also love yoga, Pilates, and yeah, belly dancing.

Dr. Dan:

So many people want to lose weight quickly. But I've heard you say that "there is no quick way either to lose or gain weight." Why is that?

Kimberly Garrison

Quality weight loss and or quality weight gain requires patience and time.

People always want to get something for nothing. But, that’s mathematically impossible. There’s always a price.

Quality and sustainability should be the goal -- slow and steady wins the race. If you lose quickly, you usually gain it all back even quicker.

Like money, the best investments generally appreciate over time. Get rich quick schemes usually end up leaving you broke.

Dr. Dan:

Can you tell us what happens to people that try to lose weight too quickly? Is it healthy for them? What are the long term results?

Kimberly Garrison

Generally, people who lose weight too quickly end up with less than desired results. Often times, particularly women end up with lose untoned skin, muscle atrophy, and diminished health.

Long term, yo-yo dieting can wreck the metabolism, increase chances of osteoporosis, cause untold stress on the body, and weaken the heart.

Dr. Dan:

A lot of people are feeling the financial pinch right now. They might not be able to afford an expensive gym membership. What would you recommend to them?

Kimberly Garrison

You never have to join a gym to get a good workout. Though, if you are looking for a job, it’s an excellent place to network your way to your next opportunity.

Everybody is sitting on the best piece of equipment ever invented -- themselves. Basic exercises like jumping jacks, running in place, squats, lunges, pushups, dips, can be performed anywhere (even a bathroom or prison cell).

Look, crawl, walk, run, your way to better health. It’s simple, but you have to want to do it.

Dr. Dan:

You have a busy schedule. You're a sought after lecturer, and have spoken to the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, Urban League Young Professionals Association, U.S. Attorneys Office, U.S. Department of Labor and Black MBA Association, to name just a few.

You write a weekly column for the Philadelphia Daily News and your articles appear in magazines like Club Life, Premier Brides, Philly Fit Magazine and Pathfinders Magazine.

You appear regularly on television. You maintain a schedule as a personal trainer.

And if that's not enough, you are a mother of a young boy and you are pursuing a PhD in holistic health and nutrition.

Now, the reason I hear most often for being out of shape and overweight is, "I don't have time!" So, two questions: One, how do you fit everything into your day? And question number two, what do you tell people that say they don't have time to exercise or eat right?

Kimberly Garrison

I just do it. No excuses. I get up early in the morning at 3:30 or 4:00 A.M.

I prepare for the day, workout, pack my lunch, and get to the gym to train my first client at 5:30 A.M. 90% of success is being organized.

Most days I get home around 12:30 so I can spend time with my son and also breastfeed him. He’s 20 months now, eats table food, but he also still nurses.

I also have a fabulous husband who supports my endeavors 100%. My mom, my biggest cheerleader, also supports and takes care of our son. Oh yeah, it takes a village.

Dr. Dan:

You have spoken out in favor of the controversial program at Lincoln University, where the school attempted to institute a fitness program for obese undergraduates. The school has now apparently reversed itself and will not be requiring the Fitness for Life course.

Do you feel they should have continued the program? What benefits could a program like this have for the students now and as they grow older?

Kimberly Garrison

Unfortunately, as is often the case, we throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes, they should have continued with the program, with one caveat. The program should be mandatory for all students.

The program could have potentially saved many lives and future generations too.

Dr. Dan:

You recommend a program to your personal training clients that you developed, called the Garrison Method. Can you tell us something about your program, and why it's successful?

Kimberly Garrison

I believe my method is successful because it is simple and true. There are no limits -- except the ones people place on themselves.

You can achieve anything you want, even your “dream body” if you're willing to do the work. See, simple.

Dr. Dan:

I'm particularly interested in one aspect of your program, step #6 which is, "Learning to Love One's Self." I don't hear that message from other trainers.

Why is that important for someone who is overweight and out of shape to learn to love themselves?

Kimberly Garrison

It is important for everyone to embrace their authentic self. When people don’t love themselves they often continue to abuse themselves, self-sabotage, and continue the vicious cycle.

When you love yourself you will automatically make better choices. When you love, coercion is not necessary.

Dr. Dan:

Thank you so much for your helpful answers. Can you tell us where we should contact you for more information about your services?

Kimberly Garrison

Here is my contact information:

Kimberly Garrison
PO Box 56158
Philadelphia, PA 19130

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