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Kickboxing, LETS DO IT!

by Marie Lauver
(Memphis, TN, USA)

Well I got to the kickboxing class and at first I was rather intimidated because there are the experts who are obviously fit and toned to the T.

Then there are the advanced students who are in sync with the instructor and then the groups of friends that went thinking it would be fun.

Me? I was the loner, the newbie, the fresh fish. I didn't know what the hell anyone was doing at first - I had done a class via DVD but didn't expect it to be this large and this loud.

Then the music started and people snapped into action and like soldiers started punching in tune to the music with all of the different types of upper cuts and jabs.

I started to fall in line with them once I stopped caring how I might look if I missed a beat or swung the wrong arm. Everyone was sweating and I could feel my legs starting to give up.

My hair was matted to my forehead and I felt surges of energy being pumped up around in my chest.

I felt like it was a great class because it helps me be more confident in how I move. I also feel like I have something to prove to all of these fit people that average people that aren't exercise buffs can get on the floor and try their best.

Also I get to take out all my aggressions by pretending to punch or roundhouse kicking, and honestly roundhouse kicking is way more interesting than anything I have done thus far.

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