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Jumpstarting weight loss

by mooch

Back in 1997/98 I lost a lot of weight, I used the original metabolife 356 and had incredible success with it, when that was pulled from the markets because of natural ephedra, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I gained a lot of weight back.

Now I can not find a product or a diet that works and I have some health issues that keep me from exercising like I want to.

What would be a good way if you have limited ability to exercise to jumpstart weight loss.

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What I did for weight loss
by: Swati Jain

I am a 21 year old girl from India. I was a bit fatty and did not have any control on my diets and exercises.

I daily used to sleep for some time after taking the morning meal. Within months I became so fatty and my weight rose by 7 Kgs. Realizing my age I thought to control my diets. I just halved the amount I used to eat though it was tough but then also I had to. And I stopped taking the nap after meals. I stopped rice and all the fatty stuff in my diets.

I started Yoga, Pranayams, which gave me internal strength to continue the less diet practice. And last but not the least I decreased the hours of sleep to just 6 hours & the results was marvelous. Presently I am very slim & trim with my weight approximately 52 Kgs.

Apart from lessening the diet I increased one thing in my diet and that was Milk. I daily used to take at least 250ml milk & some fruits regularly like apple, papaya etc. With the Milk, fresh fruits, and a lot of vegetables I got a fresh skin as well. Thanks to you'll if the information which I shared with you all is helpful to you, then I am pleased.

Jump start your metabolism
by: La R

I?ve got pretty healthy habits in diet and exercise, but I?d been having trouble losing weight in spite of that. My doctor recently suggested that I try juice fasting one day a week, and the results have been awesome! I?ve lost fifteen pounds this month, without changing anything except fasting one day per week. Juice fasting is really not hard ? you simply limit your caloric intake to about 700-800 calories of fruit and veggie juice for 24 hours. I use V-8, V-8 Fusion, and apple juice and occasionally put a tsp. of psyllium husk in for bulk. It?s really not hard, and it makes me feel great.

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