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Jogging – A beginners View

by Shad Moi
(Nairobi, Kenya)

I first heard about fitness and exercises when I was growing up as a young lad. It didn’t occur to me the importance of workouts and what it entailed.

But as I grew well into my 20s something prompted me to start exercising. It was four years after I completed my high school. I took part only in online games as I was too afraid of the "big" games my colleagues played.

But I began losing shape and I was eating gigantic portions of food. I was downing large amounts of alcohol during the weekends.

My main motivation came to me when one Saturday morning while perusing the local paper. I came across a featured story about Kenyans' lifestyles and the facts were astonishing. Diabetes and obesity were threatening the life expectancy of the nation, including me apparently.

I had to do something.

As the saying goes it has to start with you. So I gathered courage to speak to my friends about it. They were fit individuals as they took part in basketball and soccer.

We started a simple one mile run around our block every morning to get us started. I felt I couldn’t cope the first couple of days because of the soreness and aches but they kept me going.

I’ve grown strong now and I’m now able to combine a lot of workouts like pushups, sit ups and skipping rope.

Changing my lifestyle has changed my life forever.

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Comments for Jogging – A beginners View

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Jogging made a difference for me too
by: Mary

I agree! I didn't think I could run. I'm 40 years old and never ran but I started slow. I just ran a mile like the author described. I started very, very slow.

It makes a huge difference. It has built muscle and I have lost weight.

Jogging is a great exercise. I alternate it with other exercises so it is easy on my knees.

Running is a time saver
by: Robert

I lift weights but know I need cardio to burn fat too. Running is the best way for me to do this. I can burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. I run a mile 5 mornings a week before I lift weights.

Jogging is great
by: Anonymous

No that made me actually laugh. I totally remember being in the same position. Well not the weight or eating bit but the exercise and soreness bit.

Some years ago the youth arm of our church decided to get a fitness program going. We are big on health issues but as far as we were seeing we were more talk than walk so we decided to do something about that.

We decided to meet at a particular spot and jog in the mornings then return to do some cool down exercises. Oh, I remember that first day. There was so much panting and noise making in that group.

A cry here and there of 'I cant go any further' and "let us turn back now' and then the cooling down exercises which where to groans even grew louder. These included skipping and stretching. We even did some abdominals. OUCH.

We had decided to do it in stages starting with half an hour on day one and then gradually increasing the time and distance.

On day two we laughed like crazy. It even hurt to laugh. Everyone was all bent out of shape and twisting and groaning in pain. The wise thing was that we had chosen to do so in the summer so the students and teachers in the group didn't have work to worry about after that session.

I do not have a weight problem and it does not take long for me to exercise and get into shape. Those exercise sessions were good as they helped me to really feel alive and know what it means to be in shape.

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