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Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

by Una

I am 26-year-old girl from Serbia and I must say that Jillian Micheal's "30-day shred" has really helped me. In a relatively short time I lost about 5lbs and got stronger.

I found it on the internet, downloaded it and immediately started. The program has 3 parts, 3 levels, and each level lasts for about 27mins.

So it doesn't take too much time. It just asks for discipline. You need to have discipline in order to receive wanted results.

I started about 20 days ago. I did the first level and now I am doing the second. It is difficult, but very effective.

I lost weight without any special diet. I am just avoiding too much soda, candy and bread. And that's it.

I am going for another 5lbs, and my final target is 58kg. I hope I will get there!

I would recommend this program to all the people who have a weight problem or who simply need to shape their muscles, stay fit or simply feel stronger. After just 3 weeks I feel much stronger.

Before this program I could never do push-ups, and now I can. And I've done aerobics exercises, gym, jogging in the past... I simply didn't know how to challenge my body the right way. But with this video I feel that I'm actually making progress.

Everything you need is: 2 weights (2-4lbs), half an hour and a floor. And a good will.

Do these exercises everyday and you will reach your goal! It is absolutely not a waste of time.

If you listen to Jillian you can't get injuries... it's just perfect and I recommend it to everyone!

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