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Jenny Craig worked... for a while

by Annie S.

I went on Jenny Craig back in September. Here's sort of a rundown of how it works:

You make an appointment and go in. You get assigned a "Counselor". The counselor sits down with you and talks about your weight loss goals, what your weight loss challenges have been, how much you would like to lose, etc.

Next, your counselor takes you in the back and weighs you, takes your measurements, and takes a "before" photo of you. It is done discreetly and isn't as uncomfortable as it seems.

So, you then go back to your counselors office and she will walk you through the program. The program consists of a 1200/1500/1700 calorie per day meal plan, depending upon your starting weight.

The meal plan includes 3 of their pre-packaged meals, one of their pre-packaged snacks and one of their pre-packaged deserts per day.

In addition, you add fruit, salads, milk or yogurt to your meal plan for the day.

You buy your Jenny Craig food one week at a time. You can choose your foods or they can choose for you.

I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks on Jenny Craig. Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon after that -- although to be fair, I fall of pretty much every weight loss program I've ever tried... that's just me.

My sister successfully lost 20 pounds on Jenny in 6 weeks and my neighbor just lost 30 pounds... but I'm not sure how long she was on the diet.

I think the diet is successful for people because the food is actually pretty good! I spent around $90 a week on the food (although that can vary significantly based upon what you are buying) which didn't seem too bad as I was probably spending at least that on eating out anyway.

I really enjoyed the turkey burgers -- they are awesome. The chocolate cake and cheesecakes are AMAZING! I wish I was still on the diet to just have those every day.

I think if you've considered this and it is in your price rage, it is worth giving a shot. The food is really good and the Jenny Craig employees and counselors are very nice.

Best of luck in your weight loss efforts!

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