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Jazz A Louisiana Kitchen

by Rachel M
(Kansas City, Missouri)

Jazz is a Cajun restaurant in Missouri.

My favorite dish, the Chicken A La Mer, is a piece of fried chicken breast on a bed of rice, drowned with creamy Alfredo seafood sauce with shrimp and crab. I usually order a cup of gumbo and fried alligator or crawdad bites as an appetizer.

Of course at an establishment like this, you have got to order an alcoholic beverage which we all know is pack with calories.

I have never had dessert there because I am usually too full, but I can only imagine the high sugar intake and deliciousness that would come with it!

I don’t get to go often, but when I do go I enjoy it even though I may regret it the next morning.

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I love jazz, but not for any type of weight loss
by: Anonymous

Jass is awsome. The chicken al a mer must have around between 1,200 and 2,000 calories. Gumbo has to have around 500-700. Fried Alligator another 500 per serving. This is not something I would eat while trying to loose weight unless you split it with 2 other people.

BUT-- It is awsome. You made me hungry.

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