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Interval Weight Training Equipment

So how do you set up for maximum results in the minimum time?

rack of dumbbells with person holding one dumbbell

First, you have to be set up so you don't waste time.

With interval training you take short breaks between the more intense workouts. This gives you a little time to catch your breath and lets your heart rate come down a little.

But if the breaks are too long you lose much of the benefit.

So you have to be organized. You need the next exercise ready to go.

Free exercises

Sometimes it is relatively easy. For instance, sometimes your weight training will be "free exercises."

Free exercises -- the technical term is "calisthenics" -- are pushups, pull-ups, knee bends, etc. In this case the "weight" in weight training is not dumbbells and barbells. The weight is the weight of your body.

Maybe you are doing pushups -- or wall pushups if you are not strong enough to do regular pushups. And sit-ups. Knee bends. Trunk twists.

In this case you are ready to go to your next exercise right away. You just do your wall pushups, rest 15 seconds, then go to your sit-ups, rest 15 seconds, and then go to the next exercise.

Exercise bands

Exercise bands are a great way to do interval weight training. They are light, portable, safe, inexpensive and they come in all degrees of resistance. You can use them whether you are just starting out or the strongest one on the block.

If you are using exercise bands for resistance the exercise bands are the "weight." Just plan out in advance which exercise you will do next and where you are going to attach the band if that is needed. And then again rest 15 seconds between exercises.


Now, if you are at the gym you might have a series of machines set up for circuit training. Fine. You can use these for interval weight training.

You just go from machine to machine, resting for 15-30 seconds in between. If the gym is busy you might find one machine occupied. If so, skip that one and come back to it later.

Barbells and dumbells

If you are using free weight it is a little trickier. You don't have time to load the weights and unload them after every exercise. There are two things that you can do:

  • One, use dumbbells rather than barbells. With dumbells you don't have to put weights on and off the way you do with barbells. Or use the type of barbells where the weights don't change. There are racks of them in the gym, with each one a little heavier than the next.
  • And two, use the cable machines when it fits your workout. They can help you concentrate on certain body parts and they are quick to set up. Again, if the equipment you want is busy, just move on and come back to it when it is free.

Or if you are using barbells and the gym is not too busy you can get several different stations set up in advance and just go down the line as you exercise.

Just remember to be polite and put all your weights back on the rack when you are done. You are going to get quite strong with these interval weight training workouts, and the next person might not be as strong as you and might not be able to move the heavier weights.

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