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Inten-SATI: Combo of Yoga, Aerobics and Positive Affirmations

by Shelly-Ann
(New Jersey)

I started Inten-SATI in May. I needed to lose 15 pounds for an event in October.

The first class was with the founder of the routine Patricia Morena, and she told her story on how she was diagnosed with a disease and through the practice of the routine was able to recover.

This was a powerful story and I thought that it would be something I would enjoy since my days were usually stressful and it would be a good way to get physical and mental workout all at the same time.

I did it every Tuesday for one hour and it was phenomenal.

You are actually chanting in a very rhythmic way while you sweat. It does not make you sore but it not only makes you more flexible and stronger but it gives you such a rejuvenating mental boost.

It was a group exercise and we were encouraged to shout out to the top of our voices with words of victory.

One of my weaknesses is procrastinating and one of the chants was "I will not procrastinate."

Each month in inten-SATI there is a new set of affirmations but you are building on the ones you used the week before with certain physical movements representing different things like Faith, Perseverance and Will Power for example.

The instructor gives a personal experience at the beginning and once the workout starts each chant rhymes with the line before.

Unfortunately the inten-SATI class was canceled and I haven't been back to the gym since.

I would advise everyone to try it. It is the first time I have had a physical and mental workout all at the same time. I did lose the 15 pounds by the way.

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