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Impress Your Friends With A Mega Bench Press

by Broderick Pavis

When I first started weightlifting the very first thing I did was the bench press. I really sucked at it.

My form was horrible, and I squirmed all over the place. I could max out at 135 pounds.

I wasn't satisfied with it so I went home and Googled how to increase my bench. What I saw was that for starters you should do a workout called 8,6,4,2,4,6,8.

What you do for this workout is start out with a weight you can do 8 times and then add 5 pounds to each side while decreasing the reps by 2.

Once you get down to 2 reps you go back down in weight and up in reps.

I started out with 95 and after the first two months my bench went from 135 max to 165. I was so excited that my bench was going up.

I continued this workout for 8 months and I was finally able to get 225. Once I reached that point I learned of a new workout called the five four three two one.

In this second workout you pick a weight and do it five times. Then you increase the weight by 10 and decrease the reps by one until you reach 1 reps. I did this and I got my bench up to 250!

Everyone in my grade was impressed that my bench was 100 pounds over my body weight. I weighed 150 and benched 250.

Right now I am working to get 300 pounds on my bench press. I just switch off between theses two workouts.

I just put up a 275 pound bench press 3 weeks ago and I'm hoping I can finally get 300 pounds in a couple of weeks.

This is my favorite workout and I hope more people try this and impress their friends with a mega bench press.

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