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I Love The Masala Bhangra Workout

by Melissa

SO! I have finally found a workout that is totally fun and makes me sweat like crazy. I love the Masala Bhangra workout.

I first saw it on FitTV and tried it out during the show All-Star Workouts. It is awesome!

It is an Indian form of dance turned into an exercise routine with awesome music and funky beats.

Masala Bhangra has a few base steps that the routine always goes back to, but my favorite one is just a basic step. One foot out, bring it back then put the other foot out and bring it back.

You would think that is easy right? Well, after doing several other parts of the routine, returning to base step is a little tough and you have to also do this while "screwing in lights bulbs" with your arms up (to the music).

It is the coolest experience I have had next to Zumba. I would rate it higher than Zumba though because it is not as hard on my knee which has been operated on twice including a ligament reconstruction.

I enjoy a good sweat and honestly thought I would just pick up my heart rate, but this workout is way beyond that.

I was not sore after I did the workout and I purchased the DVDs due to how much fun it is. It is only about 40 minutes but you will sweat and do it with a smile on your face the whole time.

I don't know what it is, but Masala Bhangra is just a fun workout that I love to do...even in the morning before work!

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