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I hate The Skinny Bitch Diet

by Jaime
(Winchester, NH usa)

I read the book Skinny Bitch, because i liked the title, and because i had looked for the book for so long i decided i was going to go through with giving the diet a try.

The book is by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. Rory was an agent for Ford models, and Kim was a model.

The diet is very strict. In this diet plan you are not allowed to consume any food that comes from animals, no processed or fast foods. Whole foods only.

It is basically a vegan diet. This book refers to anyone who believes in the Atkins diet an "idiot"

The basics of this diet is mainly avoiding the foods that are on the "FORBIDDEN FOODS LIST." Rory and Kim refer to meat as "rotting, dead, decomposing flesh"

You are not allowed to eat eggs, fish, meat, poultry caffeine, or dairy, or refined sugar or flour. They want you to only eat when you feel like you are starving to death, just like the models do!!

Well this is just the basic down low on this diet. I tried it. I went and wasted my money on tofu, and other expensive foods that i will never buy and put in my cupboard again.

I lasted about three days on this diet. I hated it.

I do not really recommend it to anyone, unless they are already Vegan. Sorry, but if i want an egg sandwich i am going to cook a "real" egg, and slap it on some "real" bread.


I am all set with egg substitute tofu eggs. If i am in the mood for a CHICKEN Ceasar Salad, i would like some chicken on it, Thank You!

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Note from Dr. Dan


Thanks for your story. As you found out, fad diets like the one you outlined are generally not helpful.

It is next to impossible to get people to change the staples that make up their diet. A few people will be able to do it, but most cannot.

Example? Take an Italian and tell them, "No more of mama's pasta." You'll have a fight on your hands.

Tell my Polish wife, "No more Bigos for you..." And then stand back.

There isn't any "right and wrong" with food. There are no real "forbidden" foods.

Now, you can't eat pork rinds and potato chips all day and lose weight. But vegans and ovo-lacto vegetarians and omnivores and hard-core meat eaters come in all shapes and sizes.

There are "walking death" vegetarians and there are vegetarian body builders and there are morbidly obese vegetarians.

So radical shifts in the composition of your diet are not going to lead to long-term weight loss.

Dr. Dan

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