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I failed on Weight watchers, succeeded with my version of Skinny Bitch.

by Brenda-Sue
(Bangor, ME, US)

I tried Weight Watchers when I was still in high school. I joined with my stepmother, and started out really excited. I could eat ANYTHING I wanted as long as I planned for it!

The first week I lost three pounds. I was stoked. But around the end of week three I started losing momentum.

The diet works. When I stuck to it, I continually lost about 2 pounds a week. The problem was, I was constantly thinking about food. My life revolved around it.

At breakfast I was counting up my points trying to decide what to have for the rest of the day. I would see something I wanted and be constantly calculating, and having food on my mind all the time just made me crave it more until I finally cracked, quit the diet, and gained it all back.

My mother does great on this plan, but I just can't be constantly calculating and thinking about food this way. I go crazy and end up binging. I need something that takes less thought, otherwise I end up fixating.

I finally ended up losing the weight I wanted to lose by eating a plant based diet and using common sense.

I filled my house with a vegan pantry and stayed away from the obviously fattening things like chips and sugar. This way if I was hungry, I just grabbed something, and didn't think about food other than that.

By eating plant based, I drastically reduced my fat and calories, and the weight melted off. By not having food on my mind all the time, the way it was when I was constantly calculating points with WW, I could focus on other things, and it was much easier to stay healthy.

I followed the basic principles of the Skinny Bitch diet, with my own vegan ideas thrown in for good measure. My modified Skinny Bitch lifestyle is something I can maintain, with my personality.

Overall, Weight Watchers DOES work. If you follow it, you will lose weight. However, it takes a lot of willpower, and it's not a lifestyle I can maintain forever.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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