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I Could Dance All Night

by Loren
(Atlanta, GA USA)

One of the easiest ways I learned to work out was dancing. I danced for years from age twenty onward, though I have stopped lately.

Before I started dancing working out for me was always a challenge. Finding the time and actually wanting to do the actual work has fleeted me again and again.

I found out about how effective dancing can be from a friend. She would blast her favorite songs for an hour each day, and she told me that was her only form of exercise and it worked.

So I tried it. After a while of doing it, I did get in better shape. I could dance longer and longer, without being tired.

What made it difficult was that I sometimes used 5lb. weights in order to build resistance.

It helped me physically, because it helped build my strength and stamina. Mentally, it helped because I knew that I was doing something each and every day for my health, and it was something I actually liked and enjoyed.

I tried one class with others, but prefer to work out at home at my own pace. As I get back into dancing, and practicing, I would like to take another dance class.

It was a daily workout, each evening. I didn't become sore after a while, when it became just part of my daily routine.

It definitely made me feel stronger, and less tired during the day. I never sustained any serious injuries from in-home dancing, just the occasional hurt ankle.

I am trying to start exercising again, and get my routine back in practice, because once you get your exercise out of the way that day, you often barely remember even doing it. I plan to couple the dancing with outdoor walking as well.

Anyone who wants to start preparing themselves for an aerobics class, or a dance class, should probably try it out indoors. You need nothing but yourself and a clear space.

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Couples Workout
by: Anna

Dancing is a great couples workout. I forced my husband to take a ballroom dancing class with me. He dreaded it but was proud when we could actually dance at parties.

It is great exercise and even better, you don't even realize it is exercise. The hour class flew by and we were motivated to practice during the week to keep up with the class.

I love exercise that doesn't seem like exercise. It gets the heart rate up and improves flexibility.

It's not weight training so you still need to do more but it's a great start. It can also be a great group activity. Get a group of friends together and find a class!

Dancing is certainly fun and rewarding
by: Thea

I have two left feet to put it mildly. My siblings usually tease me about my sense of balance. My brother would say I topple over easily because my feet were too small. All in good fun.

I do find that dancing helps not only with a sense of balance but also with the fitness issue. I still do not dance well. I just do my own moves bending and flexing the body where I will but I try to make sure they are co-ordinated moves.

I find that I do tend to get nicely toned and a real sense of accomplishment when I do engage in dancing even for a short time.

I intend to take dance classes at some point so that a professional can assist me with my co-ordination and sense of balance. But for now dancing away to some music at home is a great way to go.

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