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Hula hoops -- great cardio and fun exercise

by amber s

I work out a lot. What I do is walk for 10 minutes, then I jog for another 10. I do this for about 60 minutes.

I then also hula hoop 5 days a week for 45 minutes. I get hula hoop videos from YouTube. They have great hula hoop exercises.

My jogging exercise I didn't find anywhere. I just did it on my own.

My hula hoop exercise program I did research it online and kept seeing the affects of it on TV. So I went out and bought a 5 dollar hula hoop with water in it and tried it.

Hula hooping isn't hard but the jogging is a little hard at first. It feels like your heart is going to pound out of your chest but you just have to remember to breathe correctly.

These exercises help me physically and mentally. It also helps when I'm stressed out a lot.

I had no coaching at all but when I did feel down and out or if it wasn't working I would go online to message boards and it helped me stay motivated a whole lot.

I work out alone. If working out alone isn't for you, find a partner. Or they have online services with people looking for a partner to exercise.

It's a continuous workout that I still do. It's fast and it's very easy. I'm able to finish every time, but at first I wasn't able to. It takes some time getting use to.

I was really sore in my abs and back after hula hooping. Also with the walking/jogging I was sore in my legs but that affect didn't come to me until the next morning.

I'm stronger now from doing this. My legs are stronger and my abdominal muscles are stronger along with my back.

You won't get hurt doing these exercises unless you don't stretch first. You always want to remember to stretch before any workout so you don't pull muscles.

I think everyone should try this. It's very easy and everyone needs to try hula hooping. It's a great cardio and I feel it's the funnest exercise out there right now.

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