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How Much Exercise?

by Tim
(St. Louis, Mo.)

I walk about seven to ten miles every day (unless the weather is really bad). I have done this for about four years now. While I'm not on a diet, I would think this would help with weight loss--at least a little.

However, it has not and I have gained weight over this time frame.

I can't say I eat the greatest, but my portions are small and I spread them out throughout the day (which I heard was good).

I do not drink a lot of water, as it gives me very bad acid reflux. My primary drink during the day is iced tea.

Does it sound like I am at a point where no amount of exercise is going to help unless I radically change my diet?

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Exercising but not losing weight
by: Dr. Dan


Are you sweetening that iced tea? If you put sugar in it you'll keep insulin pouring into your blood stream all day and insulin causes fat to be stored.

If you put artificial sweeteners in it, that's just as bad or worse. Artificial sweeteners don't help with weight loss. They make you crave sweets and make you eat more.

Have you tried DGL for the reflux? You get DGL at the health food store. You take it before meals and it helps coat the stomach to stop the burning. You can heal ulcers with it.

It's good that your portions are small. But you say your diet isn't the greatest. You need to sit down some day with a pencil and paper and figure out how many calories you need to eat each day to lose weight.

And then you need to keep a food diary. You don't need to keep it forever -- just until you figure out what's going on.

Until you do that you won't be able to get control over your weight.

Good luck,

Dr. Dan

Control your diet
by: Anonymous

It is important that you balance your diet. Regular exercise along with controlled diet is the only long term method for reducing weight.
It is easy to gain weight but very difficult to lose. Hence it is always important that you control your diet, eat more vegetables and fruits that are rich in fibre.
Avoid sweets and fried food as they have a lot of calorie and would increase weight. Junk foods are high in calorie and should be completely avoided.
Dinner should be very light. It is better to consume one or two servings of fruits for dinner. By controlling your diet and reducing fat and sugar intake will help you to loose weight.

Exercise is very important
by: richelle

Exercise is very important, at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and strengthening exercises. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is beneficial to our health. And eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for a great body.

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