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How long should I wait?

by Leigh
(Lafayette, TN, USA)

I know that I didn't get overweight overnight and I shouldn't expect to slim back down overnight, but I would like quick results.

Right now I am trying to cut my calories back. According to my BMR (I think that's what it is) I can consume over 2300 calories a day and maintain my weight (I know, that's quite a bit). I am trying to consume less than 1500 a day.

I have heard that 3500 calories equals one pound, so I can expect to lose between 1 and 2 pounds per week. I was just wondering though, is there any way I can speed this up?

Are there any tricks to increasing my metabolism? Any certain foods that I should try to consume?

I've heard drink grapefruit juice while eating helps to burn calories, and the consumption of spicy foods help boost metabolism. Is this correct?

I have tried so many diets in the past, low fat, low calorie, low carb, and have just felt miserable.

I've also tried walking, 5 miles a day for roughly a month, but I was just so tired after doing that. I couldn't even function. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

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If You've Tried Everything
by: Pam

If you've been over weight all your life and tried every diet known to man, I have your answer.......

Lap-Band Surgery

I weighed 246lbs 2 years ago, I now weigh 140 and feeling GREAT! It is expensive, about $20,000.00, but I would do it again in a heart beat. I've probably spent that much over the years trying every diet and weight loss product I could find. Check with your insurance, it may cover some of the cost!

Try to do some Breathing Exercises
by: Manoj Tripathi

Walking is good exercise, but I think you should try some brething exercise. Breathing as in Yoga. It is called Yogic Breathing.

There are a number of exercises but the most effective is called "Kapalbhati." In this you sit cross legged on the floor or on the bed with the back straight and breath out repeatedly through your nose with force.

Stress is on breathing out. As you breathout, pull your stomach in. The force while breathing out should come from the stomach.

Do this initially for 5 minutes and slowly increase the time to 15 minutes and later after about 15-20 days you can increase it to 30 minutes.

You will see a marked improvement in your overall health. Weight will reduce too. I wish you all the best and I am sure you will benefit greatly.

Hang in there!
by: Anonymous

I do not know about grapefruit juice helping matters, but I do know that healthy weight loss adds up to around 2 pounds per week. I think it also depends on how much you have to lose.
I see people on the Biggest Loser show losing 8 pounds per week. Obviously, this isn't normal weight loss...this is an extreme example.
I say just hang in there and focus on trying to lose 2 pounds per week. It adds up in no time!
I lost 60 pounds and it took me about 6 months. I did it completely through diet (eating lean protein), lifting weights (to build lean muscle mass), and exercising regularly (to burn calories). Good luck!

Be patiente
by: maskarada


Maybe this will help U and maybe not...but this is a real experience.

You are not the only one with this question. It all depends about your metabolism and other factors as your life style and so...

A few months ago I decided to lose some weight. First I changed my habits and lifestyle because it was very messy.

Every morning I ate one orange and drank one glass of warm water with lemon.

For lunch I had fresh or boiled vegetables (all kinds) with olive oil and salt, soup, and cooked meat.

I ate just enough not to be hungry. Then after two hours I ate again.

For dinner I had yogurt and fresh fruit (don't eat 2 dinners, just one. Just enough so you are not hungry.)

Don't use "low calories" products.


Every day go and walk at least for one hour. Exercise (all kinds) would improve your diet.

I have lived for about a month on this way.....without results.....I was desperate....but then suddenly after two more weeks my body "disappeared".

That means all U need is patience and proper food and DON'T EVER BY HUNGRY.

After two months I Lost 4 kilogram and they did not come back.

This WILL help you I Promise!
by: Kayce Mick

Hi Leigh,

Don't resort to surgery or paying for a gym membership or expensive diet plan - those are all so not necessary!

It is good that you understand you won't lose a lot of weight over night. That isn't healthy! Here's my tips for you:

Get rid of all the food in your house that contains artificial ingredients. You don't need foods that scientists have brewed up. That causes cancer and a whole series of other health problems.

Get rid of white bread. It turns to sugar immediately once it enters your blood stream. Go with whole wheat and only whole wheat. Not multigrain, not 80% whole wheat. 100% whole wheat. Everything else is the same as white bread, just marketed as being healthy. Trust me on this one, once you stop eating white bread, after being off of it for a few months, if you go back to it - it will taste like glue!

Drink plenty of water - of course. Add some lemon for taste. Arnold Schwartzenegger does this. There is a product called Stevia which is a natural sweetener. It has no calories, is 100x sweeter than sugar, and is as natural and healthy as pepper! Use a drop of two in your water for added flavor without the added junk that's bad for your body!

Working out: All you need are dumb-bells to lift weights. Also a skipping rope, or just dance around your house for your aerobic exercise.

There is a lot to get into here. But the most simple and healthy way ( and cheapest!) to lose weight is honestly just to think about how things were done in the olden days. Eat organic foods, drink vegetable juice and water, eat more veggies than fruit (fruits have too much sugar and less nutrients than veggies.)

Eat more turkey and fish than any other meat. They are packed with protein and very little fats and residues (from antibiotics, etc).

And exercise the old fashioned way. If you keep up this healthy lifestyle for a month, you'll already feel so much healthier! Do a colon cleanse and body detoxification before you start this new lifestyle! After a couple months, you'll notice how much weight you've lost and how great you feel all the time.

Good Luck!

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