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Home of the Throwed Rolls, really!

by Mysty
(Dyersburg, TN USA)

Lambert's Cafe is known as the -home of the throwed rolls- why you ask? well, if you put your hand up, someone will always throw you a breadroll !

If you're traveling between St. Louis and Dyersburg or Memphis, Tennessee make a detour to eat at Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, Missouri, along E. Malone, just off the interstate. They welcome you with a friendly down-home atmosphere.

You can order southern foods like chicken, beef, steaks, pork and fish. In addition to whatever you order, they come around with "pass arounds" huge bowls of vegetables like fried okra, carrots, fried potatoes, well you get the point. If you want some, you get some.

Great concept for a restaurant, hey? The portions are huge and the pass-arounds make sure you'll never go hungry.

Be sure and wear a belt you can loosen, 'cause you always eat too much at Lamberts. Every trip from TN to St. Louis had to include a -throwed roll- stop. If you like southern food, this place is awesome. -Mysty

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